Modern Baby Nursery - Setting Up The Baby's Room & Baby Nursery Ideas

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Bringing home a new member of the family? Check out these modern baby nursery tips and baby nursery ideas!

Baby organization is a must and it starts before the baby arrives. You are embarking on a new journey, starting a new chapter in your life, entering a new territory. :) Being organized will help you be more efficient and better equipped to handle new challenges, so that you don't waste time on things you don't want to be doing and you can focus on what's important...this new little life you created!

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Modern Baby Nursery Ideas: Setting Up The Baby's Room

10 things to remember when setting up a modern baby nursery

Baby organization is essential from the very beginning. The following tips as well as this ultimate checklist will help you with setting up the modern baby nursery.

• First and foremost, make everything as CONVENIENT as possible. This mean EVERYTHING - the placement of the furniture in the room, baby-changing supplies on or in the changing table, diaper bag on a hook near the door for an easy grab-and-go and so on.

• Remember all the clothing, linens, etc. have to be washed before the baby touches them. On this note, make sure the drawers you intend to put the clothing in are disinfected and clean.

• Baby clothing is teeny tiny, so one of my best closet organizing ideas is to utilize drawer dividers to keep things separate (especially if the drawers are deep).

• Babies grow so quickly and chances are you have or have been gifted clothing in sizes that fit newborns all the way up to 18 month old. Separate your clothing into categories and store them that way - newborn to 6 months old, 6 to 12 months, 12 to 18 months, and everything larger than 18 months can be put together.

• Use an over-the-door hook or set of hooks for a diaper bag and any other hanging items you need to have easy access to.

• Contain all the ointments, creams and other items that you need for changing the baby in a basket or an organizer and put it on, in or near the changing table.

• Babies grow so quickly! Get some clear containers with lids to store your baby's clothing as things become too small. Label each storage box with the clothing sizes inside. Then you are set for the next child or can easily identify what you can give away.

• Create a place for parent stuff. Whether its a drawer in the dresser, a shelf in the closet or just a basket, it'll be convenient to have stuff like how-to books, manuals to baby items, etc. handy.

• From the second your baby is born, well actually when people find out you are pregnant, you will receive cards, gifts and other memorabilia items. Get a container or box to store all of the things you want to keep in good condition, put in an album one day, and so on. Having a home set up for these items makes it easy to put them away and ensures you'll find them later.

• Contain everything! Use open baskets and bins for baby toy organization and books, blankets, and anything else being kept in your baby's room. This means baby organization is as easy as tossing items in their appropriate bins.

Modern Baby Nursery Ideas: The Products

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Baby Closet Organizers
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