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Welcome to my page of organized scrapbooks and supplies!

Having trouble locating your craft materials? Wasting time and money? Want to know how to organize scrapbooking stuff?!

Organizing scrapbook supplies is essential to...

  • completing the projects you start
  • finding tools and pieces quickly so more time is spent on the project than on the search
  • locating the items you need so you don't buy multiples of the same item

Keeping your tools and pieces in order helps you effortlessly locate what you need for the project at hand, saves you time and money, and makes your activity more enjoyable (encouraging completion).

Outlined below is the craft organization process as well as scrapbook storage and organization products, so use the following tips to get started!

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Organized Scrapbooks & Supplies: The Process

Utilize the general organizing procedure of purge, sort and store, to create organized scrapbooks and scrapbooking supplies.


  • Start by gathering all of your scrapbook supplies. Pick up one item at a time and decide if it is worth keeping. In order to accomplish this, ask yourself appropriate questions (i.e. Do I still use this? Is it in working condition? How often do I use this?).

  • As you make decisions, put the item in the corresponding pile, bag or box - Keep, Donate, Distribute To Others, Trash, Recycle.

  • Take out the trash and recycling and put the donations in your car. This hinders the possibility of undoing your hard scrapbook organizing work.


  • Now that you have gotten rid of all unnecessary items, it's time to focus on what's left. Separate the remaining things into categories (i.e. paper, stickers, tools)

I keep my scrapbooking supplies in labeled boxes.


  • With your scrapbook supplies categorized, you can see how much you have of everything. Use craft organization products and scrapbooking organizers accordingly. See products suggested below.

  • If scrapbooking is a regular activity for you, then section off a corner of a room as your "craft area." Utilize a shelving unit to hold your scrapbooking books, albums and categorized supplies and a (folding) table to work on.


  • Get in the habit of putting items back in their proper places. This will ensure that you can effortlessly locate things, prevent you from buying multiples of the same item, and thus save you money.

  • Go through your scrapbook supplies twice a year to get rid of unwanted or unusable items.

Organized Scrapbooks & Supplies: The Products

Products for organized scrapbooks and supplies are handy, convenient and fun! Check out the suggested items below.

This organizer tote is easy to transport and has compartments for a variety of needs. Practical, affordable, and stylish... tote-ally awesome!

This scrapbook storage and organization cart is specifically designed for scrapbook supplies. It has 6 removable cases that can hold standard sized scrapbook paper, an organizer tray on the top for tools and wheels for easy mobility.

This is the Bigso storage box I use to house some of my scrapbook supplies (shown in the picture above). It's durable, looks good and does the job!

Rag & Bone Scrapbooks
This site sells beautiful, convenient, and practical scrapbooks, albums, journals, address books and much more. They are handmade and can be customized saving you time on your art projects yet preserving your personal touch. These also make great gifts!!

Scrapbook Paper Organization
Looking for scrapbook paper storage products? Check out these highly-rated scrapbooking organizers from Amazon!

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