How To Stay Organized - Tips On Getting Organized & How To Maintain It

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Many people ask me how to stay organized once they do get things in order, and it's such a great inquiry that I decided to answer it for the masses by creating this page.

how to stay organized

Here are some tips on getting organized and maintaining order. Below you'll find some fundamentals of staying organized. Enjoy!

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How To Stay Organized:
5 Tips On Getting Organized & Maintaining Order

1. Do a little bit every day.

It doesn't matter what it is - picking out 10 items to give away or tossing all of the expired edibles in the fridge or sorting a pile of papers - as long as you do a little organizing on a daily basis. Remember when it comes to decluttering your home and getting things in order, slow and steady wins the race.

2. Everything needs a home, absolutely everything.

This is a fundamental if you're wondering how to organize clutter or how to organize your house. Think logically about this one. Where do you use the item the most? Where would you think to look for it when you need it? What location makes sense to you? And the random things that you just don't know what to do with get a home too. Perhaps it's a container labeled "I Don't Know."

3. Organization does not equal perfection.

This is a biggie. A lot of discouragement comes from the idea that being organized is the same as being flawless. Not so. Being organized means living consciously, embracing our imperfections and creating solutions in conjunction with them.

For example, every kitchen should have a junk drawer. It's the busiest room in the house and life happens, so create a space to catch all the random items that get dumped there.

4. What comes in must equal what goes out.

This is a fundamental if you're wondering how to declutter your home. If you eat more than you can handle, then mostly likely, you are going to gain weight. The same holds true for the "stuff" in your life. If you bring in a lot more than you get rid of, then your house will gain some weight (so to speak). Find a balance and create a system that works for you to bring in and discard the same amount of things. Here's more on how to stay organized, specifically regarding clutter!

5. Love what you have.

If you really cherish the stuff you already own and try to use what you have to fill your desires, then you'll be less likely to shop frequently for things you don't need. Buying stuff we don't need is the beginning of clutter creation, and it's a waste of money. Instead, shop in your own closet and try to reuse things in new ways or do some upcycling before purchasing something new.

Maintaining order is also very much about implementing and sticking to habits that contribute to staying organized. Here's more on living consciously and organized living habits.

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