Entryway Storage Ideas For Kid Gear

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Need some entryway storage ideas for corralling your kid's outerwear? Then search no further!

Most entryways are teeny, if they exist at all, so creative organizing solutions are imperative if you want to keep this space clutter-free. Read on for such solutions and happy organizing!

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Small Entryway Storage Ideas

We have a small entryway area. Can you relate?!

I've seen homes that don't have any entryway at all, so I'm happy that we have one to be sure. However, things began to quickly overflow when my son was born.

We've got a small closet and a narrow space for a little chest of drawers in our entryway. In the closet are our coats, shoes, dog gear and so on. The chest of drawers holds smaller items like sunglasses, sunscreen, winter gloves, etc.

With those two storage areas in full use, there was no designated spot for my son's stuff. As a baby, it was no problem to keep everything in his room as he didn't require so much outerwear. Once he began to grow into a toddler though, the stuff multiplied and it started to pile up on one of my office chairs which is near the front door.

Day in and day out I'd see this mound of little coats and hoodies, hats, gloves, and shoes. It was starting to drive me bananas, so I decided to take action.

Like I said before, keeping a small space clutter-free requires creativity. As I scanned my entryway, the only space left to use was a small part of a wall (as you can see in the photos). I decided to use large, clear adhesive hooks on the wall to hold coats and hoodies and a narrow rectangular basket on the floor underneath for small accessories like hats, gloves and shoes.

So far this organizing solution has worked out wonderfully. My office chair is now free and clear, so I can actually sit on it! Accessing my son's outerwear, as well as putting it away, is so easy.

AND dare I say that my toddler is learning some organizing skills as well?! The other day he went over, took his shoes out of the basket and then put them back in. This mama is counting that as an organizing win!

I hope these entryway storage ideas help you and I'd love to hear how you corral your kids' stuff. Leave me a comment below and have an organized day!

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