The Perfect Wedding Flowers on a Budget

by Izzy Smith
(United Kingdom)

Everyone knows that weddings do not come cheap. We also know that very few couples find the idea of walking into a registry office, making a few vows, signing some papers and then strolling down to the nearest pub for a two-for-one dinner over a pint of lager very unappealing. This article aims to provide you with a few hints and tips for getting flowers on a budget while still planning a beautiful wedding.

Florists generally do not specialize in cheap wedding flowers, since this is where they make most of their profits. If you plan on using a florist service, then decide on the type of flowers yourself. Flowers that are in season are a lot cheaper. For example, Daffodils are very inexpensive during the spring season, yet can be quite expensive during the other times of the year.

Being flexible with the colors that you choose can also help save some money. Choose common colors like white, yellow and red. Blue and purple flowers are more rare, so try to stay away from them unless you want your flower costs to increase drastically.

Next, think about the flower arrangement. A simpler arrangement will cost significantly less than a more extravagant one, since florists will spend less time working on it. If you really wish to include expensive flowers, try to use one or two stems surrounded by cheaper flowers. That way you can still have a few extravagant exotic flowers in your arrangement without having to pay a lot more.

The cheapest way to purchase wedding flowers is to cut out the middle man – i.e. the florist. Flowers and bouquets can now be found in grocery stores such as Tesco and Asda. Vases are also available from these stores, so you can find everything you need for your wedding. By purchasing a collection of cheap vases and by filling them with a bunch of flowers, you have created the perfect arrangement for the tables. If color is important, you have the option of talking to the store manager and arranging an order. Although this will increase the cost slightly, it will still work out cheaper than having it all done by a florist.

Roses are relatively cheap to purchase at any time of the year other than Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Buying five dozen roses alone gives you enough to decorate ten tables. How? Well, don’t forget that each vase should also contain some greenery. Filling up space with greenery will also save you money, since it costs less than flowers.

Flowers available at a grocery store are often still in buds, so do not buy flowers a day before the wedding. Store them at your house or a family member’s house for a few days, and this should ensure that they will be open in time for the big day.

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