by Izzy Smith

The preparation of the wedding day is both terrifying and exciting. Women tend to stress out over the smallest things, and every detail may turn into an issue within seconds. A big part of the wedding ceremony and the reception is the traditional bridal bouquet.

Many future brides find it hard to choose the right flower, the right shape and style of the bouquet, especially if they don’t have a specific theme. The following tips will help you make your own bridal bouquet, step by step, so you have a completely unique bouquet that will grab everyone’s attention.

Let’s begin with what you need for this task in terms of supplies and materials:

•Between 20 and 30 stems of flowers that are hardy - A perfect choice is a carnation or rose.

•A bucket of flower food and water where you will store the fresh cuts

•A stem cutter (a sharp knife would do too, but don’t use scissors)

•Paper towels

•Floral tape and rubber bands

•Corsage pins

•About a yard of ribbon in a color that complements the flowers

•Flower fillers

What should you do once you have all the necessary material?

1. Cut the excessive leaves and the thorns from the flowers (you can use your hands). If there are any petals that don’t look very attractive or are slightly damaged, pull them off. They can be used for the flower girl’s basket of petals.

2. Cut the stems with the knife or the stem cutter - about 2 inches.

3. Don’t force the flowers to open, but blow some warm air onto them and place them in a warm room for a while.

4. Start the assembling of the bouquet by choosing one flower for the center. After that keep adding stem after stem from each side, creating an even round shape of the bouquet. One of the easiest ways to check the round shape is by standing in front of the mirror.

5. Add as many flowers as you wish. Some brides go for their favorite number, their partner’s birth date number, or the day of the wedding. It’s your special day so it’s ultimately your choice. Make sure the bouquet looks neither too small nor too big.

6. Take tape or an elastic and bind the stems tight where your hand was holding them. You could use the tape further down the stems to hold it all together even tighter.

7. Place the bouquet in one vase full of fresh water and flower food.

8. On the day of the wedding cut the stems again (about 7 inches) and wrap the ribbon all the way down to the bottom of the stems.

9. A beautiful detail to the bridal bouquet is to add some pearl headed corsage pins on the ribbon, keeping it in place, fastened securely.

10. The best time for making the bouquet is in the morning of the wedding day, but the previous afternoon or evening is also a good time as long as you keep the bouquet in water as much as possible.

Creating your own bridal bouquet is a great way to make the wedding day even more special. You can purchase fresh flowers, fillers and beautiful floral supplies online and have them delivered on time for the preparation.

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