Van Rentals: Worth It?

by Grace Bailey
(UK, London)

When anyone thinks about the typical type of house move, the first thing that comes to mind is the removal van itself: the bold statement of the company and the look and sight of stark colors and slogans. It's almost like a personal chauffeur for your personal belongings; a mobile vessel driven by a crew of experienced and knowledgeable movers with countless awareness of what it all entails. When looking at your financial options, this is another cornerstone area for making crucial choices. This is something worth considering when you look at your options for manpower and the transport to move all of your bits and bobs to your new destination!

When you do decide to pull the trigger on your choice and go ahead with the hiring of a removal company or paying to "go it your own way," there are a number of possibilities that will influence your decision. Totting up the man hours, petrol costs for your own travels, any stops and food or even accommodation (if it’s a distance!) versus the price of getting a removal specialist to do the job instead, can more than help make the decision for you. These days time is money and the sacrifice of your own time may or may not be beneficial, but that’s for you to find out! Is it worth it? Can you spare the time needed? Are you physically able, trained, or aware of the risks involved and how to appropriately lift heavy items? Or are you willing and in a good position to do the move all by yourself. If so, you probably have the contacts
to turn to already!

Transport is a big issue. When it comes to moving home, not all of us have a spare truck handy or even a flatbed pick-up to fill with all the hard packed items to be moved. It’s no surprise then that removal firm’s deal with the practical side of having drivers to make the journey, as well as the muscle for packing it all neatly into the tightly spaced confines of the vehicles.

With that in mind, a man and van company receiving your custom sounds much more appealing; otherwise there are the practicalities to think about.
If you do want to go with the rental option, companies loaning out their vehicles are a new mod con. Check the contract and small print for your own insurance. To price, factor in how long you will need it.

The man and his van has become an option for self-employed tradesmen, as it is a space on wheels for moving large items. Just as car rentals are popular today, van rentals can be useful but you will first need the right driving license.

When hiring a removals team you aren’t just paying for the man hours and manpower, you’re paying for their years of developed skill which in itself can be invaluable. By hiring them you save yourself a whole lot of hassle and worry. Simply asking a friend who has done a bit of laboring and has a van, doesn’t cut it! If you're unsure, it’s best to go with someone you trust and that you are confident in their ability to get the job done and done well!

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