Top 4 Questions To Ask A Moving Company

by Grace

You have set your budget and started compiling quotes for removal firms. When you speak to them on the phone, most will want to book an appointment to visit your property and assess the move first-hand. When the member of the company arrives at your door, you need to get as much information about their services as possible, not just a quote for their services.

There is nothing worse than a move that goes wrong or doesn't go according to plan; it causes stress for all parties involved. You need to know you are hiring a company that is trustworthy and has all bases covered, and to do that you need to ask the right questions.

Here are our top things to ask a removal company to ensure you are making an informed decision:

1. Before you ask anything, do some research. Scan the internet for opinions or customer reviews of the company in question. It will soon become apparent if this company is likely to serve up a horror show or not.

2. Ask if they know what BAR is. BAR is the British Association of Removers, and any quality moving firm should not only know about it, but be registered with them. BAR sets a standard of service that all companies should adhere to and by being a member companies allow themselves to be judged against a minimum standard of service criteria. If they aren't a member of BAR, then their service isn't being scrutinized against any benchmark, giving you no indication of whether it is good or bad. If they aren't registered with BAR be bold and ask for a good reason why not.

3. What is the type of and the level of insurance that is provided? Most removal
companies will offer some level of insurance with their services to safeguard against any accidents which could result in damage to or loss of any of your belongings. However, you need to make sure this insurance is adequate for your move; not only that a large enough sum is insured but also that it is insured properly and against everything you want it to be. Ask your representative and make sure you are happy with their answer.

4. Ask for a bit of company history. How long have they been in the business? Do they have any references they can provide to back up their claims of quality? You need to be able to trust these people, and finding out a bit about their background will go a long way to helping you do this. If they have been operating for a number of years they must be doing something right!

5. Ask for detailed logistics. How many men, number of days, time of arrival, whether you will need to make any special arrangements such as reserving a parking space etc. The more detail you gather, the more you make your representative think about the exact logistics of the move and also prepare yourself for what will happen on the day.

6. Use your common sense. The representative visiting you is exactly that; a representative of the company. If he or she doesn't seem capable, confident or knowledgeable in any capacity, then you can make an educated guess that other members of the company will follow suit. You need to have complete faith in the company that they can get the job done and done well; that all starts with the person that visits your home. For more tips, check out Battersea Removal Companies.

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