The Moving Checklist – Top Tips for a Stress-Free Move

by Izzy Smith
(United Kingdom)

Moving homes is one of the most stressful periods you can experience. The chaos of boxes, packing and changing your address can amount to one hell of a migraine.

However, the strain and worry of relocation often blurs what should be an exciting and refreshing time: the new options that await you in your new area, the appeal of your new dream home, the prospect of settling into a new location and a new start.

Our moving checklist is complete to ensure all the nitty-gritty bits are dealt with, leaving you to enjoy the experience of embarking on a new adventure in your new home.

Packing is the ultimate nightmare, especially if you have young children who are fighting with the boxes or using them as fire engines instead of storage. Everyone has their own way of packing their home. Some leave it until the last minute, throwing in everything and cramming the boxes as the van is waiting outside. Others spend six months living out of cardboard to ensure everything is in its place and nothing is forgotten. A bit of organization goes a long way when moving.

Packing the essentials:
Start by packing up ornaments, valuables and items not often used, leaving everyday things out. Pack a few bags that can be filled with essentials which will make the travel from your old home to your new home that little bit easier. If it’s going to be a long journey, make sure the kids will be amused and pack a bag of their favorite toys or games.

Remember, if you’re hiring a man and van like Best London Removals Company, your car can be filled with the most important boxes for a seamless move.

Pack away cupboards and drawers into separate boxes, so that when you’re unpacking everything is just as it should be.

Top tip:
Use this time as the perfect opportunity to clear out old cupboards and boxes. Not used it in a few months, do you really need it and are you simply wasting space by taking it with you? If you have clothes, cables, receipts and household items that you can’t remember using, you’re unlikely to need it in your new home. Moving house is the perfect opportunity to clear out the cobwebs and start anew.

Filling your new fireplace with family photos and finding the perfect draw for documents will make you feel at home in no time.

Tea break:
Pack the kettle, tea or coffee and some cups into a separate box. The last thing you want is to be digging around stacks of boxes for a well-deserved cup.

Last minute:
Being organized means you can also do a last minute sweep to avoid any last minute panic. This is especially important if you are leaving furniture behind. If you’ve saved enough time to check under the bed and in the shed, there will be no need for that sinking feeling half way down the motorway.

Your new home:
Clearly label all the boxes to ensure stress-free unpacking. Arrange some sort of order when filling and emptying the van, so it’s easier to put all living room and bedroom stuff together to avoid confusion.

Change of Address:
One of the worst things about moving is filling in change of address forms. It’s an absolute pain, and you can rest assured, at least one letter will still arrive at your old address. If you have a trusty neighbor, let them know your new address so they can forward on anything vital.

Final tip: Enjoy it!

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Apr 08, 2021
packers and movers
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for sharing this awesome info! I am looking forward to see more posts from you! Check out our websites.

Aug 08, 2019
by: Globe Moving

Hey Izzy,

That's great. A must checklist for a smooth move.

Mar 16, 2013
Tips for a Stress-Free Move
by: Johnson

Relocation of home or office has been named as one of the most stressful tasks we do in our lifetime. It’s a huge a financial decision made more hectic with the involvement of solicitors, family and a to-do list which can be never-ending.

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