Preparing The New House For Your Move

by Grace Bailey
(UK, London)

If you are looking forward to moving house and want it to be as smooth a process as possible, then you would do well to turn your attention to the new place before you even get there.

If you are not too far away from the new place and it is empty for a few days before you move in, then it can be a great opportunity to get a little bit of preparation work done. In order to avoid a nightmare situation where you are continually shuffling furniture around as you try to get things done, sort it all out whilst it is empty!

The beauty of the empty house is that it is a blank canvas. A place that is full of things will feel restricted, and you will have difficulty viewing it in it’s full potential. Whilst you have the place free of furniture and clutter, think carefully about how you want to live in the place as well as where you want everything to go.

Alongside this, you should think about color and how the current interior will suit your belongings when they arrive. There are many quick and cheap things that you can do to ensure that you make the place your own - a lick of paint, pulling up a carpet to reveal the boards, sanding down worn surfaces - these are all DIY jobs that can be sorted out easily and without much cost.

Do not take
on anything that will last beyond the time that you need to move in, and do not let renovations of the new place get in the way of preparing for the move itself. This can spell disaster in terms of both the new house being a building site when you arrive, and the move going terribly because your attention is split between the two of them!

Essentially you need to find the right balance of time between working on the new place and ensuring that the old one is sorted. Remember, you will have a long time with which to work on the new place, despite how impractical it may be with all of the furniture in there. The old house will soon be out of your grasp!

Be sure to put down the appropriate protection when you are painting or sanding, and be very careful to clean the whole house properly after you have done any work. In fact, cleaning the whole house properly is essential even if you are not doing any work. If you are not in a position to clean the place yourself, or you are short on time before the move, hire a professional handymen service to get the job done properly. It may cost you a little more but it will be well worth it, as moving in to a fresh and airy home will make all the difference to how well your move goes from there on out!

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