On The Move: A Moving House Checklist

by Sean

Once you have taken the plunge and decided to move, the number of tasks which can rapidly pile up is daunting. Luckily with a bit of organization and this, one of many moving house checklist examples, logistical nightmares can be avoided.


-First, confirm the date of your move, then inform your landlord of your intentions and ensure your home insurance is in order.

-Think about your possessions. Those you want to keep should be noted and, if of particular value, should be examined by an expert for insurance purposes. Think about ways of selling those you are not going to keep - online marketplaces and garage sales are ideal.

-Obtain quotes from removal firms and ensure that they come well referenced.

-Notify the relevant utility companies; gas, electricity, water and internet. Extra charges apply on short notice.


-Start collecting cardboard boxes and bubble wrap and pack all non-essentials.

-Notify everyone with whom you have contact in your local area. This includes doctors, milkmen, your children's school and your friends. Update your contacts before the move!

-Book time off work, inform your employer if needed, and recruit help from friends or family.


-Now the real packing begins! Leave only that which you need; a few clothes, basic food provisions etc.

-Arrange for pets and children to be looked after.

-Confirm the timings and details with your removal firm and collect your new keys.

-Use up any frozen food and empty cupboards.


-Pack a kitchen box with food essentials for a couple of days. This should include cutlery, tea or coffee and a couple of ready-meals or takeaway menus as cooking will be exhausting.

-Note down all the important numbers you might need and pack any important documents.

Finally, remember to bring a bottle of champagne to celebrate!

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