Making a Move with Children Successful

by Grace Bailey
(London, UK)

Managing a home removal is a very tough process. You have to contend with countless chores from sorting and wrapping goods, booking necessary services, planning and scheduling things thoroughly, asking for support, managing transport and much more. These can take a lot of time and energy to accomplish but if you work hard then you can succeed.

Young children will often not understand what is happening, be uncooperative or need special attention and care during the process. If you want to make the task as simple as possible for you and your child, then read on for useful tips.

The first thing to do is to tell your child what is happening as soon as you start to prepare for the move. Letting your son or daughter know what is going to happen, what you have to do and so on will allow them to come to terms with the idea. Your child may have never lived anywhere else, so answer their questions truthfully and give them the information they need. Do not lie or sugar coat anything, because it can cause further problems later.

Getting your child involved with the process can give them a greater understanding of what’s going on as well has help them to enjoy things. Take them to your prospective home and show them their new room. Allow them to select wallpaper, carpet, etc that you will use and allow them to give their opinions on things. This will make them much more at ease and prepped for the move, so they can quickly get used to things during and after the house move.

Your child can become extremely anxious about the whole process. If they are unsure about things or do not become accustomed to their new surroundings, they can exhibit negative behavior. They may become angry or withdrawn, lose their appetite, struggle to sleep, wet the bed and more. To combat all of this, you must reassure your child about the move and get them used to things as quickly as possible. Let them know things haven’t changed by getting back into their routine and try to keep them happy. Making the move seem exciting or promising a gift or treat once the process is over, can give them something to look forward to and help them cope with the relocation.

On the day of a move, you can be so busy packing, carrying and transporting goods that you can’t give your daughter or son the attention they need. This means you may have to take time out from the work to be with them. Leaving them with friends or relatives on the day of can help, so they can relax and be safe while you focus on the move. Once everything has arrived at your new home, bring your child there and get them accustomed to things. Let them help unpack and they can have fun and be familiarized quickly.

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