I need help with garage organization!

by Cindy
(Cincinnati, Ohio USA)

We have a very large garage and when we built the house we should have put the garage door on the side of the house instead of the front. By having it in front it means that we have a lot of room between the front of our cars and the wall (approx 12 feet x 20 feet wide). I’m thinking of putting wire shelves from floor to ceiling (walls are 16’ tall) for storage. The dilemma is how can we utilize the space from the wall to our cars? Hubby thinks we should get free standing shelves and place them vertically but I’m not real game for that. We need advice!

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May 17, 2024
Garage Dilemma
by: Nealey

Thanks for your comment Cindy! It's nice that you have extra space to work with. I always recommend using as much wall space as possible in a garage. I like your idea of floor to ceiling shelving. If possible, adjustable shelving or hooks or pegboard system or anything like that works great for all the different things that are usually stored in a garage. If I'm imagining this correctly, you have plenty of space between the wall where the shelves will go and the front of the cars. If so and you want to use it for more storage, perhaps you could have rolling shelving units? Or if you put floor to ceiling shelves on the wall and are able to store all of your stuff there, then perhaps you don't need anything between the wall and the cars. Lastly, look up "garage organization" on Google Images and Pinterest for tons of inspiration. Hope this helps and good luck!

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