How to Pack for a Storage Unit So You Can Find Something in 60 Seconds or Less

by Grace

If you need to store your belongings somewhere but you don't have the necessary space, a storage unit will be of great help to you. Before you have a chance to use it however, you will need to focus on a number of preparations as you go so you can finish the job right. The following tips will give you what you need to know to get things done:

Uniformed packing is key to success. The first thing to keep in mind is that packing things the same way has great benefits to the overall space you're working with. Dismantle any bulky items you need to work with if you can, such as furniture. This will make it easier for you to store things without damaging them or taking up too much space.

Make sure you use boxes whenever you can, avoiding the use of plastic bags since they can spill, rip and so forth. Also make sure you never place any items in boxes without at least a basic level of packaging done. You can however use vacuum-sealed bags to gather smaller items together.

Find acid-free boxes for document storage or when it comes to storing books. This will greatly protect them from harm. If you plan on reusing boxes you should make sure they are mold-free, clean of dirt and any other things that may attract pests.

Figure out the placement of boxes around the storage unit, so you can pull out the things you need when you need them. This takes a decent bit of planning and possibly a floor plan, but you won't feel sorry for taking the time to do so months down the line.

Label everything and focus on working out that floor plan, combined with the numerical system you may have come up with during the labeling process. Leave a good path to what you need to reach, so you won't crowd the entire place.

Make sure you stack things strategically when you place them inside. This is a common mistake a lot of people make when they're tired or distracted, so keep your eyes open. Place smaller items in boxes and avoid placing heavier items on top of them. Put the heavier items closer to the floor so they won't fall and hurt anything or anyone.

Properly tape up your boxes as you keep a close watch on the limitations dictated by the weight and volume of what needs packing. If you have uniform boxes you can easily stack them all the way to the ceiling if you need to, depending on the nature of what you're storing. Keep a small stepladder or stool nearby for stacking purposes.

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