How To Have An Organized Move

by Grace

The key to a successful move is to be very organized and prepared. With so much to think about and do, how could it ever be possible to store all of that information in your head and not get stressed?

Here are top tips for organizing and getting prepared for a more relaxed stress-free move!

You Cannot Go Wrong With A To Do List!
It’s one of the oldest rules in the book, but it works! Having a thought out to do list lays out a prepared plan and it’s easier to follow a plan that we can see on paper rather than struggling to remember it all in our heads.

What To Include On The List!
All changes! This could be many or only a few! Depending on your circumstances you may have lots to do here, but if you are only moving local you may not need to make many changes. Changes such as doctors, schools, colleges etc may or not be relevant. Changes to address will have to made for everything, so don’t forget to list them all such as banks, schools, bills, work, benefits, licenses, new service providers of all kinds! Internet and phone providers, gas and electricity, water, cable, plus any other utility suppliers to the new property will need to be informed or a new tenancy start date for new customers.

Hiring A Removals Company!
Many wish to hire a removal firm to help assist them when they are moving. Start looking into reputable companies for removals to see who you could hire.

House Clearance!
Use valuable time to start getting ready for the move by sorting out all
of your household contents. If you are downsizing you may have to part with many things that you own, because you will not have the space to take it all with you. De-clutter and try to raise some funds for the cost of removals by selling any unwanted items.

Book A Date For Moving!
Once a date is established, try to book a trustworthy removal company so that you can be sure that they will be available on that date. Leaving it till the very last minute could mean that you struggle to find one.

Early Packing!
Start packing things that you can live without for a while so that it is less to do when the time comes. If necessary you could use the packing services from a removal firm or maybe just their supply of packaging, especially if you are struggling to find time to pack or collect boxes.

New Property Decor!
You may or may not have to do some decorating at the new property. If you do then make a note of what rooms need attending to.

Many people prefer to move only knowing that their contents are covered by insurance. If you have a number of valuable or precious items, it may be worth considering. Some removals companies can offer insurance if your household contents insurance does not cover transporting goods from the property.

TIP: If careful time and consideration is taken when planning a move, it will help the move go more smoothly and it’s less likely that problems will arise. Removal companies can help in many ways, so it can be very beneficial having them on board.

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