How do you make a boutique with lots of things look organized and not so cluttered?

by Boutique Owner

We have a clothing boutique with purses, clothes, shoes, jewelry etc. It seems to look a little cluttered. Things are all over the place, and I feel as though some people miss the great things that we have unless they spend an hour in the store. I'm looking for a way to make it look better but still have that unique appearance.

Great question! The first thing you want to do is break down the boutique into sections, so that the products match up with the flow of traffic.

For instance, when someone walks in they first pass the clothing, then the shoes and finally the accessories near the checkout counter. Let's say this same person is buying a blouse. With the set up I explained, they might see a piece of jewelry near the checkout counter that matches the blouse and buy that too.

Once you've figured out the spacial break down of the boutique, put like with like. The clothing goes in the clothing section, the shoes in the shoe section, the purses with the purses and so on.

Make sure you have organizers to neatly display everything in their sections as well (i.e. a jewelry tree for necklaces, wall hooks for purses).

After that, you can pull complete outfits together and display them on mannequins around the store to show your customers full looks from head to toe. This gives your clients good ideas and encourages purchasing multiple items.

Finally, type the term "clothing boutique" in Google's image search. There are tons of pictures of boutiques that provide wonderful inspiration.

Good luck!

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