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Want to be more eco-friendly? Check out our great green living ideas and going green tips!

What is eco green living anyway?!?

Well living green means a lot of things, but simply put, it can be defined as reducing the negative human impact on the environment through eco-friendly living habits.

For example, I'm sure you've heard of reusing grocery bags or recycling electronics or purchasing compact fluorescent lightbulbs. These things all have to do with reducing our environmental footprint and are therefore very important.

Below you'll find some helpful green living ideas and going green tips as well as some great resources. Enjoy!

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10 Simple Green Living Ideas

1. Turn lights and other electrical items off when not in use. Better yet, unplug electronics when not in use.

2. Reuse printer paper. You know when a page prints out with a small sentence at the bottom or even less than that? Put it back in the printer and use the other side.

3. Recycle everything that you can - paper, plastics, electronics, batteries, metals, ink cartridges, everything!

4. Utilize what you have, and use old things in new ways. Have you heard of upcycling or downcycling? Do you know how many vinegar uses there are?!

5. Turn the water off while you shave or brush your teeth.

6. Use green cleaning products or perhaps homemade cleaning products.

7. Bring your own bags to the grocery store.

8. Use a water bottle and a filtered-water pitcher instead of buying bottled water.

9. Sign up to get your bills electronically and unsubscribe from junk mail like catalogs you don't want.

10. Get organized! If you are organized, then you are probably doing green things without even knowing it. Here are must-see tips on getting organized. Bravo!

Being green does not mean being perfect and changing every one of your habits. If everyone does a little part, a huge difference will be made.

If every American recycled just one-tenth of their newspapers, we would save about 25 million trees a year. (statistic provided by

What Do You Do To Save The Planet?

Have you gone green? We'd love to know about and the more the merrier!

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Green Living Ideas: Resources

How To Go Green
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has thorough information on how you can reduce carbon footprint and go green whether you are a business owner, a home owner, a school, a government, or a community planner.

Green Home
The EPA website has tons of green living ideas for your home from air to water to appliances and more.

Easy Ways To Be Green
Real Simple is just that. Check out this great article on small habits that are great for the planet.

Green Cleaning
Better for the environment as well as for your health, natural cleaning products and methods do the job without the toxicity.

On a budget? Want to be green? Want to get clean?! Try these great recipes for mixing your own cleaning solutions!

Green Organizing Products
Don't just be a green cleaner, be a green shopper! The Container Store has some great earth-friendly products.

Get Stuff for Being Green
Recycle, Earn Points, Get Rewards!!!

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