Getting The Best Out Of Your Move

by Grace Bailey

When it comes to ensuring that your removal goes perfectly, there are many factors to consider.

Getting started early is a massive factor and will influence whether you have an easy and relaxed move or a tough time getting everything to work correctly. A decent removal will be like a well oiled machine, each part will work together to get you over to your new house with little upset. It will be hard work, but there should not be anything that goes wrong if you are well prepared!

Get a piece of paper out and start thinking about how you are going to make your move work perfectly right away, and have a look over the following points for reference if you get stuck as to what you should be considering.

Having a great moving team is extremely important, as they will be able to advise you on all sorts of things. A full scale removals company is unnecessary if your removal is for anything under a three bedroom house. Smaller operations will likely only need a man and van service, but this will naturally only come with one person. It can be a good idea to talk to a moving company as to whether they can offer a smaller service to accommodate your size and budget.

Planning is ALWAYS important, and you should not allow it to slip under your radar simply because you have a great removals team sorting a fair amount of the job for you. You will find that there is a lot to be said for getting things down on paper, no matter how trivial it all may be. From what you are going to pack and when, to the way you are going to unpack, and everything in between, the whole removal should be mapped out on a calendar, so that everyone involved can see it and understand what they have to do and when they have to do it.

Get your family involved as much as possible. The family will provide an extra work force, as well as benefiting from being included in terms of getting on board with the whole affair. Children can be resistant to removals, because they do not necessarily understand the positive implications of moving. It is much easier to get them on board if they feel like they have some control over it. Having the kids pack up their bedroom and plan as to how they want their new bedrooms to be, will mean that they are a lot more cooperative.

Consider the needs of the removals team whilst you are moving, as they will be a lot more likely to help you if you are a pleasant and caring client. The difference between an enjoyable move where everyone feels like they want to get the job done under any circumstance and a sluggish move where nothing seems to go right can be as little as a cup of coffee and a plate of biscuits in the morning for the team...

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