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Cleaning checklists are useful for ensuring you don't miss any areas, establishing routines, simplifying the process and therefore motivating you to get it done. Woohoo!

Below you will find a house cleaning checklist for cleaning an apartment or a small space as well as some advice on possibly hiring someone. Enjoy!

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House Cleaning Checklist For An Apartment or Small Space

Every Week
• Take out garbage and recycling
• Wipe down kitchen counters after cooking
• Launder clothing as necessary

Every 2-3 Weeks
• Vacuum floors, rugs, carpets, bath mats, etc.
• Clean bathrooms - wipe mirrors and counter tops, scrub tub and toilet, dust vents
• Dust shelves, televisions, frames, tables, everything
• Wash sheets, blankets, bath towels, kitchen towels, all linens
• Mop floors
• Wipe off the front of the refrigerator and any other appliances in the kitchen with fingerprints, smudges, etc.

Every 2-3 Months
• Clean windows
• Wipe inside of refrigerator and freezer

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Quick Cleaning Tips: Something To Consider

How much is your time worth?

I will admit that I hate cleaning. Yes, I'm a professional organizer who hates cleaning! I just don't find peace in vacuuming or scrubbing toilets. I'll do the dishes, the laundry and other weekly tasks but I realized that the mopping and dusting was just not my thing.

With this realization of my intense dislike of deep cleaning, I decided to consider hiring someone to come clean my home. I took into account how many hours it takes me to do deep cleaning tasks, what I could be doing instead (i.e. working, resting, spending time with family), and my negative mental state that automatically appears when I "have to clean."

I couldn't put a price on my peace of mind and figured out that my budget could handle this extra expense. Thus, I decided to forget the cleaning checklists and hire someone to come clean my home once a month. I was referred to an angel who is trustworthy and does a fantastic job for a splendid price.

Next time you are struggling with a bucket of soapy liquid, consider what your time is worth.

Quick House Cleaning Tips: Use What You Have

A large part of being organized is reusing common items rather than going out and purchasing more stuff.

  • For example, do you know how many different uses there are for vinegar?? How about at least 100!!! Vinegar cleaning works on computer mouses, window blinds, drains, mildew, silver and tons of other things. Check these vinegar uses out here!
  • Want to make your own homemade cleaner? Here are tons recipes for homemade cleaning products!

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