Any special advice for freshman college students moving into a dorm?

by Debbie
(Kensington, MD)

I've read all of the lists and web sites making recommendations on what to bring, but thought you may have some organizational advice or tips for living in a small, shared space.

Absolutely (and great question)!

The biggest (and probably simplest) piece of advice I have is to use ALL of the space. This means under the bed, the backs of all the doors, the vertical space on the walls, everywhere!

You might also want to visit The Container Store or Target or the like and browse the organizing products made for use in these tight spaces. For example, The Container Store has products that are specifically for utilizing the space under the bed.

Lastly, and to complement my first piece of advice, send your kid to college with a reasonable amount of things. Start with a sampling of the basics (i.e. clothing, toiletries, linens) and grow from there (i.e. desk items, kitchenware).

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