A Checklist For Moving The Office

by Izzy Smith
(United Kingdom)

Moving the office, especially the whole business, to a new place is a difficult task. In order to make the whole process as effortless as possible, it is a good idea to create a checklist of the most important points of the removal so you do not miss anything.

Here is an example checklist for your reference.

1.State a time scale and a schedule for the removal. Make a plan for communication. This is to make sure you will have a way to inform all of your clients, suppliers and other interested parties about the change of office and business address.

2. Make a list with all of the tasks to be completed and delegate every task to someone. Make sure every person in your office is involved in the process of removal. Delegate at least one task to each person. If you are moving not just an office but a big company, it might be a good idea to consider creating a board for the removal. This board will help in the organization of the removal and will make sure everything is going on as planned.

3. Inform your employees and involve them in the whole process. Make sure they know what is expected of them - for example to pack their desks, offices, documents, to put the marks on the different boxes, etc.

4. Define what the new office will look like. Make sure you have defined where you will put every part of the office facilities – desks, chairs, computers and other machines. Make sure there is enough room for any extra facilities to be installed if necessary.

5. Call experts to make a review. Get in touch with the specialists from a man and a van company. Schedule a time for them to come to your office to see what is about to be moved. Then schedule a date and time for the move to the new office. If you are going to need someone with special technical skills for installing the machinery, make sure this is also discussed with the company.

6. Make a schedule for the packing. Arrange what will be packed first and what will remain unpacked to the very last moment.

7. Buy the necessary materials. Make sure you have all of the materials and items you will need to pack all of your things. This includes boxes of different sizes (depending on what you have to carry), tape, glue, etc.

8. Put labels on every box including information detailing what is inside and where it should go in the new office.

9. VERY IMPORTANT – make sure to arrange a parking place for the removal company, both in front of your old and new office. Also inform residents living in the area that you might take extra parking places.

Moving the office is a real challenge, but with appropriate preparation you will save time and money.

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