8 Must-Have Moving Tips

by Izzy Smith

You are on the way to a new home, you're moving forward and you are trying to keep things organized in your head...

There are a lot of things one can miss while doing this, so even though a lot of these tips might look obvious you should keep in mind that even the best of us can forget something in the long run.

1. Always take notes. Doing this is useful, but a lot of us forget to do so in the turbulence and chaos of the move or just life in general. For example, a very important piece of information to put down on paper is your shipment registration number for your company, so you can keep track of your belongings or to get more details from your moving company.

2. Prepare your bed ahead of time. Make sure you have a box set aside which has everything you need to make your bed, since it will be one of the first things you'll need to unpack. Chances are, you'll be tired after the move and you won't feel like dealing with rummaging through boxes.

A Few Tips on Moving

3. Pack the right way. Remember to pack the light stuff in the larger boxes and the heavier objects in smaller, easier to handle boxes. Doing so will ensure you won't have to deal with breaking box bottoms.

4. Give your phone number to the driver. If you do this, they'll have a direct connection to you so they can provide you with information or ask you questions. You might also give him an alternate phone number to call if you are unreachable at any point.

5. Protect your mementos.
Whatever memories you want to take with you, be it photographs or art or anything really, you should take most of it with you in your car. Make sure you put enough protection around them while taking them with you, like padding in the form of bubble-wrap or blankets. Remember to pack plates and records vertically because of their structure and vulnerabilities.

6. Make a box of necessities.
Things like snacks, coffee, toiletries and toilet paper, paper plates and cups, utensils and anything else you can think of within reasonable limits. Either take it with you or ask the movers to load it last so you'll have access to it right away.

7. Keep your pet away from the commotion. This will be a very stressful time for any pets you might have, so make sure they are safely tucked out of the way in an adjacent room or something similar. Pay attention to them and feed them well, so they can avoid being a problem during the move. Keep your plants watered and make sure you take very good care of them during this process, possibly placing them in their own boxes.

8. Let the movers do their job. You might feel the need to oversee everything they do, but keep in mind they do this all the time and they will most likely ask for anything they need. Letting them do their job unhindered will let you relax and enjoy your time instead of being in the way. Make sure you are well rested before moving day, so you'll have the energy needed to deal with this.

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