5 Steps To A Successful Move

by Grace Bailey
(London, UK)

1. Plan well. Planning is a massive part of the whole thing. If you leave yourself enough time in which to get the planning done as well as all the preparation for move day, then you are well on track for a great move. Planning simply means going over every aspect of the move, and cutting it up into things to get sorted over the weeks leading up to the removal day. You will find that setting it out like an advent calendar means that you have a simple way of knowing what has been done, and what needs doing. Ensure that all changes are noted down, so that you have no issues with things being left out or unnecessarily redone.

2. Keep calm. Stress is the mother of most of your problems. Essentially, it is easy to get worked up about things going a little bit wrong, but allowing such agitation will inevitably lead to things getting even worse! Stress leads to clouded judgement and bad decisions, so it is essential that you keep your cool at all times and think rationally. People do not like working with stressed out or grumpy people, so it is essential that you have ways of cooling off; whether it is going for a walk or watching TV for ten minutes. It will do you a lot of good in the long run.

3. Do your research. You could call this planning, but being a bit more investigative can help a lot. Ask your removals company about what to look out for and have a look online to see if there is anything else that they may not have told you. Being prepared for things to overrun is good advice,
but more important is the idea that waiting times could be chargeable at double the normal hourly rate depending on the removals company that you are using. Certain companies will be up front about extras like this, and even offer protection against such things. Some may not be, simply because they stand to make a decent amount of money from such things going wrong! Be sure that your insurance is up to standard for the value of the loads being moved, as well as having waivers in place for late exchanges of contracts or moving of dates for the removal.

4. Pack carefully. If you are not going to get a packing service in, then it is unlikely that the balham removals company will give you insurance on your boxes. This may seem like a bit of a scam, but in fact it is because they can not make an easy decision as to who’s fault the damage was. If you pack badly and they treat it normally, then it may still get broken meaning they are liable for a whole host of different problems. Spend a bit of time on the packing. It will be boring and it will take a while, but not nearly as bad as finding a load of broken things at the bottom of each box. Individual wrapping for delicate items is pretty essential, but you only need use bubble wrap if those items are particularly fine. Newspaper will work for the slightly hardier items.

5. Have fun! Remember, you are moving house for a reason, though it may not seem like it when you are in the midst of it! New places, new friends, new things to do - it's a positive thing!!

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