Track Your Phone - Whether It's Misplaced Or Stolen, Here's How To Find It

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Do you often misplace your phone? Check out these great tips on how to track your phone!

track your phone

In one of our surveys, 21% of people polled said they spend the most time looking for their phone. It's common to lose your phone in your own home or accidentally leave it somewhere, so below you'll find 5 simple tips to avoid misplacing your phone ever again. Enjoy!

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5 Simple Ways To Track A Phone &
Never Misplace It Again

1. Make a home for your phone.

When you are in your house, keep your phone in the same location so you can always find it. This doesn't mean you are limited to one spot. In fact, I have a "home" for my phone in different rooms of my house since it goes with me everywhere.

For example, if I'm in my office then the phone is always in the same spot on my desk. This holds true for the kitchen when I'm cooking, the bedroom when I'm sleeping and so on. The bottom line is to be consistent with where you put it.

2. Make sure you have it before you leave.

Before you leave the house, before you leave the car, before you leave work, before you leave a restaurant, before you leave someone else's house, before you leave the gym, before you leave the grocery store, anywhere! If you are leaving, then you are checking to see that you have your phone. It's that simple.

3. Track your phone.

Yay technology! With a simple app or online cell phone tracking software, you can locate your missing phone in seconds. If you have an iPhone, make sure the Find My Phone feature is turned on in Settings (in iCloud). Here's more on how Find My Phone works.

Here are ways to track your phone if you have an Android and if you have a non-smartphone. Another option to track your phone is to attach an actual tracking product to it like a bluetooth key chain or an anti-loss device. I have a client who uses the Tile device on her keys and phone, and it works great!

4. Make it easy to carry.

It's easy to misplace a phone if it isn't attached to you, your purse or in your pocket. Consider a holster or a case that clips to your belt or perhaps a radiation shield if you frequently carry your phone in your pocket.

5. Label it AND lock it.

Take precautions if your phone winds up in a stranger's hands. Label the outside of the phone with a number to call should an honest person find it and want to return it.

This ACTUALLY HAPPENED to me. I got out of my car at my favorite sub shop and right by my foot in the parking lot was someone's iPhone. It had a passcode but NO LABEL on the outside, so I had no way of returning it. Luckily, someone called the phone while I had it, so I could tell them that whoever they were calling lost their phone and was then able to return it.

In addition, lock your phone with a password or code, in case an ill-willed person gets a hold of it. This way you're covered on all fronts.

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