50 Simple Ways To Declutter Paper Piles - Long Attention Spans and Complicated Decision-Making NOT Required

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So....if you could declutter paper piles right now without the complicated decision-making or a long attention span, would you?

Let me take a guess at what your current paper sorting process looks like...

You pick up a piece of paper off the pile.

You look at it, you get frustrated and then you put that darn thing back down on the pile and walk away overwhelmed. You think to yourself, “I’ve got so many other priorities that I could be dealing with right now rather than this silly, confusing piece of paper.”

But then, every time you pass that pile (or piles) of paper your stomach turns. The sight of the clutter is driving you nuts. What if there’s something important in that document mountain? What if there isn’t and the entire thing can be recycled?

It’s just paper, and you’re a high functioning human being. For heaven’s sake, you (insert one of your awesome accomplishments here)! How is it getting the best of you? No, you won’t stand for this intrusion any longer. You pick up a piece of paper…ugh!

Sound familiar?

Well, I’m here to help you break that brick wall of a procrastination cycle and teach you how to do it over and over again, so that paper will be the one begging for mercy instead of you.

If that sounds like it's right up your alley, then click here or click the book cover below.

50 Simple Ways To Declutter Paper Piles

What Other People Are Saying About This Book On Amazon:

"Wow! Who would have thought that you could make paper organizing fun?! Nealey has accomplished this and so much more. There are a ton of "main" tips for wrangling paper and pushing through procrastination throughout this quick read and there are also so many hidden gems that she includes that are helpful far beyond organizing paper piles. All of this infused with Nealey's contagious enthusiasm gives the reader not only a boost of motivation but the resources to take concrete action."

-Julie Gray, Professional Organizer & Time Management Coach

"Working for myself, growing my business, and still ensuring I live my life is no easy feat, and I don't care who you are... Procrastination is your enemy. I'm a huge fan of Nealey's work, and she's outdone herself with 50 Simple Ways To Declutter Paper Piles, which not only helps bring clarity into your day-to-day, but the tools you need to stay on top, be more productive, and make sure you fulfil your potential."

-Matthew Turner, Author & Leader Of The Merry Misfits

"Overwhelmed by paper piles? Use these tips for getting them gone! Simple, fast, easy tips to get you started and to the finish line. Nealey writes a fun book with encouraging words to get you through your paper organizing project."

-Janet Schiesl, Professional Organizer

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