How can I use stacking drawers for cassettes in a new way?

by Jody
(Blue Mound, IL)


I have some cassette stacking drawers. I was wondering what else I could use them for before I throw them away.

Great question! I would first have to ask what kind of cassettes: VHS or cassette tapes? The size can make a difference.

If they are drawers for cassette tapes, I would reuse them to store small items like extra office items (i.e. business cards, binder clips).

If they are drawers for VHS cassettes, I would reuse them to keep larger office items like greeting cards, post-it notes or printer ink.

Remember they are simply drawers, originally for cassettes, but in the end they are just drawers. You could apply them to rooms other than the office like I did (perhaps the bathroom to store the items under the sink).

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