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Relocating? Looking for budget moving tips on moving house to house, apartment, etc.? You've come to the right place!

There is a lot of planning involved in a move - searching for your new home, packing, unpacking, changing your address, and the list goes on.

Below you'll find 3 moving tips that will save you money and you can't do without as well as moving advice from others. Enjoy!

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3 Tips For Moving House That You Can't Do Without

1. TAKE CARE OF AS MUCH AS YOU CAN BEFORE YOU MOVE. Things like changing your address, setting up utilities, and cleaning your new home are helpful to have done before you move in. Being on top of the change of address will also ensure you don't miss any payment deadlines (and therefore won't incur late fees, interest, etc).

2. THINGS TO KEEP HANDY AND/OR NEED TO BE UNPACKED FIRST include bedding, shower curtain, towel, toiletries, snacks, water, trash bags, scissors, toilet paper, paper towels, Clorox wipes, cell phone and charger. Having these things accessible is not only convenient but also saves you money, because if you can't find them you'll have to purchase them again.

3. START WITH WHAT YOU KNOW. Unpacking can seem like a daunting task, so start with what you know. Put items in the correct room or space like kitchen items in the kitchen. Then take it one step further like putting silverware in a kitchen drawer and plates in an upper cabinet.

Moving Guides and Tips

More fantastic budget moving tips
This website has money-saving tips galore! Check out the moving info on change of address, packing tips for moving, hiring movers versus doing it yourself, storage, utilities and more!

How to have a debt-free move
This comprehensive guide for moving on a budget includes helpful money saving strategies and packing tips for those looking to move, debt free. They have also included a section on when to hire professional help and tips to continue saving even after the move is over.

Moving checklist planner, moving survival guides, etc.
Amazon has everything! Check out these products that will make your move smoother.

Home moving checklist
RealSimple.com has fantastic lists and tips on organizing a move. Check it out!

Moving guide for single parents
This guide highlights money-saving strategies for every step of the process as well as printable checklists to accommodate the busy lifestyle of being a single parent.

What Moving Tips Do You Have?

Do you have a moving checklist? Or tips for moving? Or a process that you can't do without? Share it here!

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