Upsizing For Your Expanding Family

by Grace Bailey
(London, UK)

One of the main reasons you might choose to upsize your existing property is if your family expands past the physical bounds of your current home. Whether it’s because you have a new baby on the way or because you are moving in with your new spouse who has children from a previous relationship, it is clear that you are going to need to find a larger property.

Make sure that your new place is child friendly. If your child is the reason you are moving, especially if you haven’t been used to tailoring your home to children, there are certain things you need to take into account.

Make sure the existing furnishings are safe. You’re going to want to look for stairs that don’t have gaps in between them, and you need to be sure there are the correct wall structures and other facilities to childproof the new home. Childproofing will include things like a stair gate, slow close toilet release, some sort of latch on the toilet lid itself and cupboard locks and latches. Therefore, take into account the age of the children that will be moving with you.

Also if this is going to be a family home, then there is always a chance there will be babies living in it in the future even if there aren’t babies now. The great thing about childproofing is that it isn’t a permanent feature of your house and you can take down and put up these features depending on the ages of your children.

Look for a place that has a garden if possible. If there’s anything that one might learn from our current society it’s that computer games seem to be replacing real games and as the population continues to grow, green space is becoming more and more hard to find. Looking for a garden where you can encourage your children to play in the open air is a perfect feature for every family home.

In terms of the actual house moving; it might be worth trying to get the new place a good couple of months before the arrival of the baby or new family members. You want to be settled in it yourself before it becomes the new home of someone else. Also, trying to do something as hectic as moving when you have a brand new baby is a recipe for the most stressful day of your life. Babies might be the tiniest people alive but they probably have more stuff than all the other people in your family put together. If the house is set up before the people arrive then the transition becomes a lot smoother.

If you're moving into a new home to expand your whole family and all the children are slightly more grown up, then you also need to be sure to look for somewhere that could potentially suit a new addition – unless this is totally off the cards. Therefore, be aware of the reasons for the move. Live in the now, of course, but also be aware of what the future might hold for you and the property.

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