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Looking to purchase a recycle container? Search no more!

Does your recycling pile up somewhere in your house? Perhaps your kitchen counter is filled with empty cans or the entryway has become some sort of paper bag mountain. Sound familiar?

The solution is simple. Containerize it! Below I've compiled a list of the top rated home recycle bins including some trash/recycling combo products. Enjoy!

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Top Rated Recycle Containers That Look Good & Make It Easier To Recycle

Suncast Recycle Bin Kit

This recycling center consists of different-colored bins for sorting and easy access front flaps that can stay open. They also stack to save floor space.

Whitmor Triple Sorter Recycling Bag

This bag features 3 sections to sort recycling and heavy duty aluminum handles with non-slip grips. It's great for storage and for transport.

simplehuman Pull Out Recycler

This easy-to-install product is an out-of-sight solution for recycling and fully extends out of the cabinet for easy access.

simplehuman Step Recycler

Looking for a sleek recycling storage bin? This product looks good, is fingerprint-proof (!), and can hold trash as well as recycling.

Nine Stars Trash Can/Recycler

This receptacle has 2 compartments for trash and recycling. It features a touch-free sensor and a garbage bag ring to hide the bag from view for a neat appearance.

Organize It All Stainless Step Recycler

This receptacle has 3 compartments for sorting recycling, features foot pedals, bucket handles and independent lids. It comes in different sizes too!

Richell 3-Bin Recycling Tower

This vertical solution saves space, features 3 recycle boxes and is great for small apartments.

Clear Stacking Recycle Bin

These recycle containers are clear, stack to save space, and has openings to easily discard things.

Rubbermaid Stacking Recycle Container
Need a good recycle bin for curbside pick up? This is it! It features built-in handles and the capability to stack.

Kangaroom Recycle Bags

These bags are reusable, made from recycled materials, and designed to stand and stay open on their own. They also have reinforced handles and are great for both storage and transport.

Gaiam Folding Recycling Bags

These bags are waterproof, made of industrial-strength plastic, and come in different colors for sorting. They have Velcro tabs so they can be attached to each other and kept in a row.

The Green Pod

This recycling bag contains 3 compartments with smaller bags inside. With it, you can sort, store, transport and remove your recycled goods easily. It even has bonus features like a padded bottom in the glass compartment!

Don't want to buy a recycling bin? Check out these awesome DIY ideas!

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