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organizing kid rooms

These awesome kids bedroom ideas will help with organizing kids rooms, which is imperative for both you and them.

  1. First, it teaches your children, among other things, to put their items away.
  2. Second, this keeps the rest of the house tidy, well tidier. :)
  3. Third, the cleaner house makes you happy and this no doubt brings joy to your spouse or partner.

The list of positive repercussions can (and does) go on and on and on. The benefits of teaching your kids to be organized are many. It will help them in school, at work, and in life in general. Who doesn't want that?!

Whether you're looking for girls bedroom ideas or boys bedroom ideas, check out the following kids bedroom ideas on organizing kids rooms and suggested products to get started. Enjoy!

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Kids Bedroom Ideas: The Organizing Process

**The best way to keep your kids organized is to get them in the habit of putting things away early!**

Utilize the general organizing procedure of purge, sort and store, and apply it when organizing kids rooms.


• Start by going through their items WITH THEM.

**This is important according to age group. You probably know what they don't use or value when they are small children.

Let's say from the age of 10 and older, it is imperative that you ask your children what can be given away or pitched. This introduces them to the purging process early and avoids any boundary crossing.**

• Depending on your situation, either decide what to keep and what to discard or help them do it. In order to do this, ask appropriate questions (i.e. Have they outgrown it? Do they still play with it? Are the pieces missing?).

• Do this for every part of their room - toys, clothes, and so on. Depending on your situation (i.e. how big the room is, how much stuff they have, how long their attention span is), break it down into doable projects.

• As you make decisions, put the item in the corresponding pile, bag or box - Keep, Donate, Trash.

**Make a "maybe" pile if there are items that they really don't use but aren't quite ready to give away. Put this stuff in a box or bin and store it in another room (i.e. basement or attic). If they don't request any of the items within 6 months, the box can go straight to a charity.

Also, make a "memorabilia" pile for things that bring them good memories but that they don't necessarily need out or accessible.**

• Take out the trash for a clean work area. Put the items going to a charity in your car. This avoids any undoing of your hard work.


• Now that all of the unnecessary items are gone, separate what's left into categories.

For example, let's say today's project was their closet. Sort the clothing that is being kept into categories such as t-shirts, shorts, socks, shoes and so on. This way you can see what and how much they have.


• Put the categorized items away accordingly. Going with the above example, let's say the pile of t-shirts was the largest. Utilize the closet shelf with the most vertical space or the deepest drawer for them.

• Also check out the products suggested below for organizing kids rooms!

• Here's more on organizing books, toys, and child artwork.


• The best way to get your kids in the habit of something is to teach it to them early and make it part of their daily routine (i.e. putting things away, making their beds, putting dirty laundry in the hamper).

• Twice a year or so, do a big purge session to keep up with how fast your children grow!

Kids Bedroom Ideas: The Organizing Products

There are tons of great products for organizing kids rooms. Check out the ones featured below!

Dry Erase Baskets

Chalkboard Storage Bins

These products are great for kids of all ages. Organize their stuff into these baskets and let them decorate the outside!

Style Tiles - a Favorite of the Kids Bedroom Ideas!
These are fun bedroom wall ideas! Great for boys, girls, tweens, and teens. Help them stay organized, show off their creativity, and decorate their walls with this awesome mix and match system.


Keep your child's clothing and accessories for each day together and ready to go. This product is great for streamlining the morning routine, packing for trips and keeping extracurricular activity items organized.

Over The Door Clear Shoe Organizer
Affordable and convenient, this over the door clear organizer is great for many purposes! Use it to store your kid's shoes or utilize it to organize all the small toys and pieces.

Storage Cubes
Storage cubes are great for organizing kids rooms and organizing toys. Check these out!

Canvas Storage Bins

Canvas storage bins are great kids bedroom decorating ideas and also fantastic for organizing toys, books and more!

Lego Blocks Storage
Looking for lego blocks storage solutions? Check out these products!

Personalized Kids Stuff has awesome personalized items like calendars and other gifts for kids. Take a look!

**Looking for more kids bedroom ideas? Also check out CB2, PB Teen, ViaBoxes and Pottery Barn Kids for some great organizing solutions and kids room design ideas.**

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• Keep a binder for each kid to hold all health documents, school papers, etc. This way it's all together whenever you need it.

• Have your kids lay out their clothing for school the night before. This avoids confusion and arguments in the morning.
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Check out the below organizer that does just this!

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• Utilize rolling drawer carts for Legos. They are good for mobility and sorting pieces.

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